Short & Sweet

Last week, I did a little TLC on my little car. I got an oil change, new breaks, new tires, and new hub caps! My car has never had hub caps since it has been with me. But I did all of this because I was invited to visit my aunt, uncle, cousin, and some family friends this past weekend and I wanted to feel really secure in the drive up since I’d be alone.
I was packed a couple of days before I left on Friday but I packed up my car Thursday night. It was going to be a 7hr+ drive and I wanted to wake up, put on some clothes and just go. And I did! I left around 615, stopped one time for gas, and arrived at 1235. Yes, I speed. It was an easy drive with lots of music and a QandA on instagram to help pass the time.
When I arrived, we were staying in such an amazing house that was on the river. So much space and places to explore on the property, but more importantly, to visit the fam bam and friends. I haven’t seen our family friends in the setting to hang out in years!
I was there Friday until Monday morning when I left at 530am. So it wasn’t even 72 hours but I’ll take it.
I spent so much time with them just hanging out, chilling on the river, and kayaking! It was so nice to be at a place where the pace was what you made it. I don’t live the fastest pace right now, but there is something that nature does for you that really makes you be present. You think about the trees and river around you and how they were there so long before you and will continue to be there so long after you. Unless, a meteor hits the earth and everything dies…but even then, I think life would start back up in some way or another!
Anyway, my point is, it was nice to wake up in the morning, make myself a cup of tea, walk down to the dock, and just sit.
After that, hanging out and laughing with everyone just having a good time was so nice and love-tank-fulfilling because not only do I love my family, I really really like them!

I hope whoever reads this had a great weekend themselves and can find some time for themselves and loved ones to be present.

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