It Has Been A Minute…

Wow, I haven’t been able to write for quite some time because my laptop died. Well, it didn’t die at first. First I broke the screen by shutting the screen on a wooden zebra figurine my sister got me from Africa. I lightly shut it as I was heading out and it straight up broke the LED’s in the screen. So there wasn’t even damage on the outside or anything! It was only a few inches to the right of my screen so I still used my laptop for basic web search and stuff.
I called to schedule a repair which was just over $300. When they arrived to fix it, weeks later after getting stood up 3 times, the computer just died. I’m not saying the guy broke it, but it did work before he opened it up. Anyway, I had to mail my laptop to the manufacturer where they would fix it at no cost to me. Hopefully, I can get my money back for the screen too? Wishful thinking?

A lot has happened though. I won’t go into detail but just give the gist.
I auditioned for the Navy as a singer and didn’t get a call back – it’s fine, it was a last minute “why not” moment and it wasn’t meant to be
My grandpa passed away – Still sad but he is with grandma! And I got some sentimental things of theirs to keep
I declined my spot in the school I had planned to go to in Germany – That door is now closed but I’m really looking forward to the new doors that will open
My friend moved into his new place and I helped him – I got some fun pillows and soap for him along with some other around the house items
I hung out with my new sister – I say new sister because she only found out she had sisters a few years ago or so
I cat sat – fun fact, I pet sit for people a good amount and love doing it!
I started crocheting again – I am making my future niece a baby blanket AND I am also making one for my friend
I saw my best friend – She is my longest friend and I got to spend a night with her while she visited and it was the absolute best
I started going to the gym regularly – This has been amazing for my body, inside and out. I don’t see a physical difference but I feel great
I started thinking about travelling for a while before coming back and finding a job that pays actual money…like that I could live on!

Something I’ve been exercising a lot these past couple of months is my perspective. Maybe you can tell! But it is something I’ve been really good at for quite some time. I think it’s an important skill to have but I also think it’s good to feel the bad and not always adjust the perspective. Sometimes, if you’re not careful, you’re just sweeping it under a rug.

Stay tuned for some further posts! And hang in there!

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