So…I Solo Travelled to Croatia and Sang

I spent the months of Spring submitting auditions for anything I could. One of them panned out and I ended up doing a three week training program in Croatia! I was so excited to dive into my Le Nozze di Figaro score for my role debut of Marcellina. I bought a one way ticket because I figured I’d want to give my self the freedom to potentially explore of Europe. I was well prepared musically and had everything in order at home so that everything would be smooth.

I have a cat, Luigi, that I love more than anything in life and I take care of my grandma. Besides making sure everyone had food, I set some other things up in place to help keep an eye on things while across the world.

  • Blink Mini Security Camera – I put this in my living room/ front door so that I could make sure no one strange was trying to visit, keep an eye on Gram and Luigi, simply talk to them when I missed them because we could talk to each other both ways! Definitely worth it!
  • Cat nip toy bundle under $10 – I don’t know about your cat but mine loves a good cat nip toy and he had a blast with these!
  • Cat wand toy under $10 – This made me feel like such a good cat mom, buying this for him! He loves the toys on their own or on the wand so it is a win-win!
  • Art Kit for Grandma (or anyone!) – This kit comes with everything you need to paint some ceramic tyles to make perfect coasters. Gram can make them for the family and get her artist on!
  • The Softest and Coolest Sheets to Sleep on – For any guests visiting Gram and Luigi would sleep in my room during the hottest time of the year would need these sheets to help stay cool in any way!
  • The Softest and Coolest Duvet Cover – This is the absolute best duvet cover and I don’t know how I would get through Summer

Onto my actual trip in Croatia…It was an incredible experience, let me tell you. I learned a lot about myself and I think I came out stronger than ever, so you know that means it was hard. But I feel like I can do anything now!
As you may or may not know, I have clinical anxiety and boy was it triggered. A few days before my trip my body was feeling ill. Now, I knew what was going on because it’s not my first rodeo, but I felt very calm inside and out, but just sick. My body felt like it was in constant fear mode, keeping me from being able to keep anything down and kept me from feeling the excitement I knew I had.
Upon my arrival from a very easy journey, I was still feeling ill and HOT. And I mean, it was hot. How hot? I don’t think I checked but it was the kind of heat you can’t escape from and just sweat profusely. I packed a ton of underwear and it’s good I did because I had to shower multiple times and sit in front of the fan.
Dubrovnik was beautiful, ancient, game of thrones (yes as an adjective), and compact. I stayed at Old Town Hostel in Old Town and it was nice, clean, perfect location, just no air conditioning.
Split was absolutely gorgeous and my favorite! It was very old but also new with many options for food, fun places to see, markets, and it’s on the water of course! I stayed so close to the water at Split Backpackers Hostel which was air conditioned and also clean. In Split, I definitely recommend the Five Island Tour by Speedboat because I saw the islands and caves off of Split!
And remember, if you use the search engine Rakuten like I do, you could potentially save as I did at 10%!
I travelled between main cities via Flixbus because it was cheap (like really cheap) and the best way to travel in Croatia if you aren’t driving.
Varazdin was my final destination for my training program. I had excellent accommodations and had a wonderful cast. I struggled with my anxiety but at least by this point, I was able to keep food down, though I wasn’t eating much. As time went on, I noticed my voice drying out and discovered late in the game that I was dehydrated. I should have had these Liquid IV Hydration Packets with me…next time! Luckily, right before the performances, the markets had fresh fruit (that wasn’t the case the previous weeks) and I was able to stock up and provide my body with fruits and vegetables. I was also able to get some hydration packets from the pharmacy and wow that was a game changer. The rehearsals were fun and everyone was so well prepared. When it came time for the performances, they all went SO well!
Zagreb was my last stop in Croatia before flying home. I did not travel to any other country because I was tired from handling my anxiety, my bodily needs for hydration and electrolytes, and not to mention performing! I spent a day exploring Zagreb and the next day, I took a tour to Plitvice Lakes and Rastoke and it was beautiful, I highly recommend. I had the most pleasant stay at Best Western Premier Hotel Astoria with the most comfortable bed, nicest staff, and the best breakfast selection I’ve ever had in my life!

As for my trip, these were an absolute necessity in my solo travel to Croatia!

  • Compression Packing Cubes – I don’t know what I would do without these. I use them on every trip and it’s the best space saver and organizer!
  • Diverse Bikini – This bikini is adjustable and you can wear it in different styles (ie low hip, high waist, strapless, halter, criss cross, you name it)
  • Fanny Pack – I don’t like carrying much but I definitely need the essentials and this was my go-to!
  • Hanging Toiletry Cosmetic Bag – This bag is perfect to keep you organized and pack the essentials of shower supplies, skin care, and make up!
  • Luggage – These have gotten me through many of my travels and I absolutely love the simplicity and sleekness to them.
  • Smart Watch – I love tracking my steps, especially when I travel because I walk 10x more abroad than at home so this was a must!
  • Towel for Everything – I don’t travel without this because it can be for the shower, beach, lake, and it dries so quickly. Not to mention, it comes with a little hand towel!
  • Packable and Collapsible Water Bottle – this can go anywhere with you and take up no space at all but also keep you hydrated on excursions.

And those are just a few of the things I was so glad to have on my travels, I hope it helps you. I’ll do more updates on my trips and try to be better about posting. Until next time!

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